Swindon Bicycle Carnival

On Saturday 2nd July 2011, we attended Swindon’s Bicycle Carnival at Lydiard Park. The Bicycle Carnival is an event arranged by CTC and Swindon Borough Council aimed at getting people out on their bikes, dressing up and having fun! The Swindon Advertiser has labelled the event as ‘a huge success’!

Our selection of demo bikes on the day included the GoCycle, Wisper 905se Sport, Raleigh Leeds and more from iZip, Powabyke and Juicy Bikes. We got a great response from everyone on the day especially all our first time riders and one gentleman even said he found the ride ‘as addictive as alcohol’, we just hope he doesn’t mix the two! It was fantastic to see both younger and older people enjoying our electric bikes, especially when we had entire families taking the bikes for a spin!

Thanks to everyone that came out on Saturday (including those who helped out through out the day)!

Check out the entire days photos on our Facebook page!

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