Footbike Review

Footbike Review by E-Motion

This review was provide to us by our customer Ash L who borrowed our Footbike Track over a weekend.

Donning my running gear at 05:30 I had a peculiar smile on my face about going out at this time of the morning, not because I was getting excited about my normal daily runs of around 10 miles with my music blaring through my headphones for the duration but because I had the freedom and speed of the new Footbike I’d recently acquired from E-Motion.

Rolling out of the garage and onto the road, instantly I felt that this new exercise routine would bring a whole new meaning to keeping fit. I accelerated rather easily up to ten miles an hour gently tapping my foot along the road in a consistent rhythm, the Footbike handled just as I’d expected, with the skinnier road tyres and light aluminium frame of just over 6.5KG I already felt that the Footbike was making the most of my powerful strides through the solid construction and not absorbing my power instead. It’s definitely a bike that needs to be used on the road, purely for the fact that you can reach some great speeds and sustain them rather easily over a long distance.

My first ride, apart from the small 1.3mile push back from the shop was a 14 mile loop. I felt like I’d been using a Footbike for months after this ride out, I didn’t feel lethargic or out of breath like a normal cycle or run routine but quite the opposite and ready to go out again. The FootBike is certainly a great exercise alternative for someone who doesn’t want to use a gym or isn’t keen on running or cycling.

Footbikes also have the capacity to take a small amount of luggage on a specified rack on the front of the bike, handy for commuting I must say! Standard fitting as you’d see on a normal bicycle for your water bottle cage so you can adequately carry liquids for those all-important long Footbikes if you don’t have a Camelbak or similar backpack hydration system.

Overall a Footbike is perfect for short commutes, fun & action packed workouts and adequately small and light enough to take away on a nice long summer weekend to go exploring, although of course, you’d want the trail version with front suspension and wider tyres to give yourself more comfort and control.

Check out our entire range of Footbikes in the E-Motion Store.

Tumble & Fall Pro900L – Customer Opinion

Our customer Andrew Clark was kind enough to post up his opinion of his recent purchase of the Tumble & Fall Pro900L front rechargeable light to our Facebook page.

I obtained my 900 lumen T&F front light from you. It has been the envy of all my friends. Incredible performance for the price and makes me feel very safe on unlit country roads. No more shocks when going too fast to see the potholes with the standard Wisper set up. Got sworn at by one car yesterday for not dipping! – Andrew Clark, Wiltshire.

We’re very pleased to hear our customers are enjoying the Tumble & Fall lights. They’re in stock and available now from just £129 in store and online.

Raleigh Dover Experience – Customer Review

We got this awesome email from a customer and just had to share it!

“I have just completed my second return journey to work on my wonderful Raleigh Dover purchased from E-Motion and delivered by Mark last Saturday.

The first day’s 8 mile ride in cool sunny conditions was a truly exhilarating experience, the ride was comfortable and easy. I used all the electric modes and all the gears to continue my familiarisation with my briliant bike and arrived at work feeling fresh and ready for work and after a 4 day weekend, that was no mean feat! Once again thanks for delivering my bike and for the
great experience.” – Graham S.

We love hearing about our customers experiences and getting feedback on how we did so we can continually improve our service!

If you’ve purchased a bike from us recently (or even a while ago for that matter) please drop us a mail or get in touch and let us know how your getting on!

Happy customer!

After I had a test ride on several electric Wisper bikes, I was well impressed, I chose and purchased a Wisper 905es sport, from E-MOTION ELECTRIC VEHICLE COMPANY.

The Wisper 905es sport bike is a beauty, posh looking, well made, it’s quiet, smooth, very fast, comfortable and a joy to ride. A remarkable machine!

It’s great for going uphill with power-assisted throttle, from A to B, no sweat, and a smile on my face as I overtake a cyclist on a normal bike.

Excellent value for money.

I would recommend it to anyone who’s thinking of purchasing an electric Wisper bike, go for it!

Big thanks to Mark and Keith (Wisper team) who are very helpful and for their excellent customer services.

Patrick (Swindon)