Black Friday Sale

Black Friday Event - Shop Now

Black Friday is just around the corner and in preparation to kick off the holiday shopping season we’ve got one incredible deal for all our new and existing customers.

This Friday 25th November you can get 10% off absolutely everything* in store and online.

That means you could save £199 on a Raleigh Leeds Tour, £9.50 on a Knog Franks Dog Bag or save over £10 on Tumble & Fall’s Pro900L light.

All you need to do is use the code: BLACK11

* 10% Discount doesn’t apply to items already discounted.

Tumble & Fall Lights In Stock

Tumble & Fall Pro1200L Available at E-Motion

We’re now stocking Tumble & Fall lights. They’re reliable, powerful and practical and available at an incredible price compared to similar lights! The Pro900L which boasts a 900 lumen output is available at just £129.

If 900 lumens isn’t enough to satisfy your needs then the Pro1200L which has an incredible 1200 lumen output is only £149, considerably cheaper than similar lights from other manufacturers.

Check out Tumble & Fall lights on the E-Motion store.

Tumble & Fall Lights

Get Ready For Winter

Get Ready For Winter With E-Motion

As the nights continue to draw in and temperature begins to plummet, you’ll want to make sure you’re well protected as we ride into winter.

Whether the majority of your cycling is done on main roads or cycle paths, being highly visible and well lit is a must. Two of the most important accessories you should have this winter are a high vis waterproof jacket and some decent lights to make sure everyone can see you including those ‘not quite focused’ car drivers. Good lights are incredibly important, not just to light the road ahead but also to alert drivers and pedestrians of your whereabouts on the road. Unfortunately due to budget cuts and cost saving exercises in Swindon, we now have a large network of roads without lighting, if you use one of these routes its of even more importance to get yourself geared up to be seen.

The combination of a decent waterproof high vis jacket and a set of lights will get you noticed and most importantly keep you safe. In addition to these we also stock high vis backpack and helmet covers, these not only add to your visibility but are also great for keeping the rain and any winter elements off of your valuable cargo. After a long week of cycling why not grab a bottle of Muc-Off and treat your bike to good clean and if you haven’t used the bike for a while it might be a good idea to book it in for a service! We don’t require you to book in for a service, just drop into the store whenever its convenient!

More accessories available in store & online

FirstBike Now Available

We’re now stocking FirstBike. These excellent bikes are aimed at children from 22 months old all the way up 5 years old, so you can guarantee your investment will last for years!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

FirstBike will help your child development of balance, gross motor skills and a sense of independence. The FirstBike helps give your child confidence on two wheels before they then progress to a ‘grown up’ bike!

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

You can check out FirstBike’s right now on the E-Motion Store and find out more, alternatively visit us in store to try one out!

Storck RADDAR, Flyer & DaaHub

As promised in one of our latest posts we’ve got some more product announcements for you!

We have recently taken on Storck RADDAR bikes. Since 1995 Storck has been developing innovative ground breaking and timeless products which have won numerous tests and design awards. Storck have now enter the electric bike market with the Multitask and Multiroad Carbon which are based on Storck’s popular road bikes. Storck’s new series of electric bikes is exceptional in terms of both build quality and design.

Here at E-Motion we don’t mess around when it comes down to quality and reliability of electric bikes we sell. Thats one of the reasons we are now stocking Flyer. Flyer’s line up features a wide selection of crossbar, step through and folding ebikes with multiple colour options on selected models. Flyer distinguishes itself by the high-quality, hard-wearing components from well-known brands & all bikes come with a five year guarantee.

Later this year (or possibly early 2012) we are expecting to recieve one of the first batches of Wisper’s DaaHub retro fit ebike kit. Just like the kits from Bionx and other manufacturers this simple kit will allow you to convert your existing bike into an electric bike. The DaaHub kit provides you with a pedal assist mode as well as throttle. We had chance to test the DaaHub out for the first time at EuroBike this year on a BMX and full suspension mountain bike and we’re very pleased with its performance on both bikes. You can read more about our first experience with the DaaHub here.

Wisper DaaHub – First Look

This post is part of our EuroBike series. We ventured across to EuroBike 2011 specifically to check out the latest and greatest offerings in the electric bike world.

While over in EuroBike this year I got the chance to try out Wisper’s new electric bike retro fit system the ‘DaaHub’. The DaaHub system is designed to easily electrify your existing push bike giving you the advantage of being about to transfer the kit to other bikes and of course allowing you to pick any bike, not being limit to just the ebike market.

DaaHub EBike Retro Fit Kit

DaaHub Mountain Bike
The first DaaHub fitted bike I got to try at EuroBike was a mountain bike. The battery was fitted on the down tube of the frame, keeping the wait almost neutral. The control unit and throttle sat gracefully on the handlebar, just like your standard electric bike. The DaaHub kit rode just like a standard Wisper bike such as a 905se which I thought was brilliant, giving me the same feedback and feeling as a purpose built ebike but with the benefits of higher performance bike. This doesn’t take away the feeling of the bike as it was originally built, just amplifies your experience and of course, your pedal power!

DaaHub BMX
I couldn’t wait to jump on the DaaHub BMX, its like nothing we’ve seen before! The setup on the BMX was very different to the mountain bike setup which made it all the more interesting. The battery placement was very interesting, as its suspended off the seat post and simply hangs slightly over the rear wheel. The throttle system is also unique and unlike anything I have seen before. The throttle system is a row of three buttons (low, medium & high) sat next to the handlebar. You push and hold the button speed of your choice and away you go! Alternatively you can double push a button and it will lock itself on that speed, just like cruise control on a car. This type of throttle is very practical for something like a BMX or even a mountain bike, leaving the handlebars untouched and of course doesn’t allow you to hit the throttle by accident.

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Whats In The Box?

  • Front wheel fitted with hub motor & Kenda ebike tyre (20″, 26″ or 28″ size, available with disc or calliper mounts).
  • Dock fitted with controller, clamp & connections.
  • Sensor kit with mount and magnetic disc./li>
  • LCD Flight Deck (Handlebar control unit).
  • Charger
  • Micro throttle
  • All connections and wiring
  • Brake sensors & DaaCube

Having had an extended time spent with the DaaHub on EuroBikes indoor test track, I can confirm the DaaHub is something to get excited about. Not only does it offer value for money, the ability to fit on a mountain bike as well as a smaller wheeled bike such as a BMX and a huge 32 mile range.

When it comes to ebikes, speed and acceleration really count. The DaaHub kit has no problems in taking you from standing to its 15mph speed limit in seconds and effortlessly.The entire kit weights in at 6.9Kg so when fitted to a bike, you should have the advantage of being a few kilos lighter than a standard electric bike, which is always a bonus. The DaaHub is certainly set to become one of the big names in electric retro fit kits.

For more information on the DaaHub and its specifications, you can check it out in the E-Motion online store or at DaaHub’s dedicated website.

Smart ebike

This post is part of our EuroBike series. We ventured across to EuroBike 2011 specifically to check out the latest and greatest offerings in the electric bike world.

On arriving at the Messe Friedrichshafen exhibition centre straight away we we’re presented with the Smart (Yes the car company!) ebike on the back of a Smart car none the less.

Smart ebike at EuroBike

The Smart ebike has been designed in partnership with electric bike specialist Grace and boasts a lightweight aluminium frame, 3 speed hub gear sytems and a 250W motor powered by a 400Wh lithium-ion battery.

Smart ebike close up at EuroBike

Regeneration is a key feature on the bike, allowing you to input power back into the battery just by riding and using brake energy from the Magura MT4 disc brakes. The Smart bike also features an integrated USB port allowing riders to charger their mobile phones. This is also paves the way for a possible mobile application that could act as a bike computer/control system for the bike.

Unfortunately (and much to my disappointment) we were unable to take the Smart ebike for a test ride at EuroBike but we can assure you it looked fantastic and seemed to have a great reception from everybody who laid eyes on it! Its certainly a very impressive and refreshing electric bike, in terms of both design and specification.

Smart ebike in EuroBikes exhibition hall

We understand that the Smart ebike is due to arrive in the UK in the first half of 2012 but we don’t yet have any information on pricing.

Opening On 20th August 2011

We’re very pleased to reveal that on Saturday 20th August 2011 we’ll be opening the doors on our new retail shop for the very first time! We welcome you to join us and you’ll get to see the full range of 2011/12 Wisper and Raleigh ebikes, together with the new Storck RADDAR from Germany and the Swiss Flyer as it’s name suggests from Switzerland.

We’ll also have a range of ebikes on display from Powabyke, iZip, Juicy Bike and GoCycle. There will be opportunities to book test rides and ask any burning questions you have about ebikes to the team and also enter a competition to win £100 worth of fab cycle gear! So please do join us, we’d be delighted to see you!
373 Cricklade Road, Swindon, SN2 1AQ

11.00 – 16.00 Saturday 20th August 2011

Alternatively if you can’t make Saturday then please join us on Sunday 21st August 2011, we’ll be here from 10.00 – 16.00!

In the mean time why not like us on Facebook or follow us on Twitter

BionX, Wisper & Raleigh Hit The Store

Its been another crazy month in the E-Motion(al) world. First of all the shop is finally approaching its deadline for its opening (more details to follow shortly), we’ve had some very successful events and also brought on some very exciting new products.

We’re very happy to announce that we now stock BionX retro fit kits in store and online. BionX boast the latest technology in electric bikes (no wonder a lot of bicycle manufacturers chose to use BionX) and allows you to convert your current bike into an electric one. We also offer a retro fit service if you don’t fancy installing the BionX kit yourself. Feel free to come in store and test out the BionX kit for yourself as soon we’re going to have a special bike fitted out with a retro fit kit so you can see the different!

Wisper 2011/12 models have arrived and are in stock. The new range builds on the popular style of last years bikes and boasts ranges of up to 60 miles, new components and two new models; the 705eco & 904 SEL. If you can’t wait until we open, drop us a line and we’ll arrange a ride for you.

We’re also very pleased to announce the we’ve now taken delivery of Raleigh’s new range of electric bikes; this includes the Raleigh Leeds, Dover and Velo Cite (both crossbar & low step versions available).

In the coming weeks we’re going to be announcing even more new companies and products! Keep an eye out on our website, blog & social sites as we’ll shortly be revealing the launch date for our new store located in Swindon.