Wisper 2011 Bikes – Launching Next Month

We’re very excited to announce that from next month Wisper’s latest 2011 models will be hitting our show room (and online store of course)!

These lastest revisions make Wisper’s entire range better than ever before! Just some of the improvements include:
* Two completely new bikes. The 705eco and the 905sel.
* Battery’s are now 11amp and 16 as opposed to 8 and 14, that’s a whopping 37.5% increase in power and 14% respectively.
* New neat manifold connection box.
* Metal chain guard.
* 7 levels of assist
* All bikes conform to the new certification by SGS to comply with EN15194
* Plus a number of other changes.

Check out the links below to find out more about each model and its latest changes!
* 705se £1299 – Find Out More
* 905se £1599 – Find Out More
* 806 Alpino £1499 – Find Out More
* 906 Alpino £1999 - Find Out More
* 705eco & 905eco – Find Out More
* 904 SEL £1799

Why not pre-order your new Wisper now and be one of the first to get your hands on one! Pre-ordering is simple and easy and we can guarantee your bike will be shipped the same day it arrives in our shop!

We strongly suggest this because Wisper have seen record demand this year and are more or less sold out of current stock!

Simply give us a call now on 01793 251200 or mail us at [email protected]

Juicy Bikes Have Arrived

We’re very happy to announce that E-Motion is now stocking Juicy Bikes! Juicy Bike brings a versatile range of electric bikes to the market to cater for all types of riders and wallets too! If looking for a cost effective way to get from A to B, perhaps on your daily commute or just for a leisurely ride there is a Juicy Bike fit for your needs.

Juicy Bike’s boost stylish design, light aluminium frames and use the latest Lithium battery technology to ensure you have powerful and comfortable journey!

Find out more information and the right Juicy Bike for you in our online store or give us a call to book your test ride!