All about e-scooters

Electric scooters look and function like a conventional motor-scooter but are a lot cheaper to run. They are except from road tax (and congestion charges where they apply), run noiselesslly and emit no pollutants. E-Motion stocks E-max electric scooters, see the full specification here.

Electric scooters:

  • Mean you’ll never need to go to a petrol station again;
  • Cost on average 1p a mile;
  • Need no road tax;
  • Make no noise;
  • very, very cheap insurance;
  • simple, affordable vehicle maintenance;
  • no congestion charge
  • produce zero carbon emissions (of course some CO2 is created when you charge the battery from a standard domestic electricity socket or public charging station);

E-Motion are happy to answer any questions your might have, call us on 01793 251200 or email [email protected]

Image of ebike