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If you've started to notice your bikes range is getting shorter or the battery isn't holding its charger anymore, its time to get a new battery. If your unable to source a battery for you bike, we also offer a re-celling service for certain types of batteries.

Image of Juicy Bike Battery

Click the image above to enlarge£489.00

List Price: £489.00

Juicy Bike 16Ah Battery

Capacity: 36V 16Ah
Compatible with Classic, Spport & Urban

Click the image above to enlarge£169.00

List Price: £0.00

Powabyke Lead Acid Re-celling

Battery Type: Lead Acid
Number of Batteries: 3

Click the image above to enlarge£299.00

List Price: £299.00

Raleigh Velo 36V 10AH Battery

Capacity: 36V 10Ah
Compatible with all Velo models.

Click the image above to enlarge£485.00

List Price: £0.00

Raleigh Leeds/Dover 18Ah Battery

Capacity: 26V 18Ah
Compatible with Raleligh Leeds & Dover models.

Click the image above to enlarge£399.00

List Price: £399.00

Raleigh Leeds/Dover 10Ah Battery

Capacity: 26V 10Ah
Compatible with Raleigh Leeds & Dover models.

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