Electric vehicles are good for the environment

Electric bikes and scooters are powered by rechargeable batteries needing very little electricity for a full charge – a power-assisted cycle needs only the same amount as it takes to power one 100 watt electric bulb all evening to travel 20–40 miles.

The motors do not add to noise pollution as they are practically silent, and create no exhaust gases or emissions. An electric scooter produces just 31g of CO2 on a 20km journey – half the amount created by a 2-stroke petrol engine on an equivalent 50-125cc petrol engine scooter (source travelfootprint.org)

The government supports the move toward electric motoring (excemption from road tax is one of the advantages of electric vehicles). In 2008 Transport Secretary, Geoff Hoon said "Electric cars and other low carbon vehicles cut fuel costs and reduce harmful emissions. If we can inspire more people to use them, it will help us to make a positive impact on climate change." Currently 22% of the UK’s carbon emissions come from vehicles. Greenpeace's senior transport campaigner, Anita Goldsmith, says: "Electrifying our transport network is a vital step in the fight against climate change and will be key to reducing our dependence on foreign oil, so it's very encouraging that the government has recognised this." Riding an electric bike or scooter helps you do your bit to safeguard the environment! (source: The Guardian 28/10/08)

Electric bikes are good for your health –
Cycling is no longer an uphill task!

Cycling is low-impact exercise which helps build muscles without putting too much stress on joints. If you need to build up your fitness and confidence after an injury or operation the thought of a bike ride can be a bit daunting – you may not feel confident that you have the strength to get up a hill, or just get back home… Power-assisted electric cycles are the answer, allowing you to do as little or as much pedalling as you wish.

Riding an electric bike is an ideal way to build up joint and muscle strength as part of rehabilitation physiotherapy after an operation or injury, or to build fitness levels after a period of rest or recuperation. An electric bike allows you to ‘go at your own pace’, and are also great for older people who just want to get out and about and take some gentle exercise without having to worry that they might get easily tired.

Of course, you should always check with your doctor to check that cycling is suitable exercise for you: electric bikes help people rehabilitate after hip replacement and knee surgery, breaking a bone, or injuring a joint or muscle.

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Image of Mark Butler

E-Motion director, Mark, proudly shows off the new E-Max City. E-Motion are the first dealer in the country to have one!