Bosch Centermotor

The powerful Bosch system is now used in a large selection of eBikes. The Bosch system uses a centermotor (or crank drive system) to provide assistance through the crank, this makes the Bosch system very powerful on steep hills & also incredibly efficient when compared to other systems on the market. This system delivers a smooth and subtle ride with a range of up to 75 miles and maximum power delivery of 250%.


With a voltage level of 36V, the Bosch high-performance motor works in an ideal torque range and in this way gives you a strong following wind of the highest efficiency. After accelerating to 15mph within seconds, the motor automatically and smoothly reduces the support.

Three sensors measure speed, cadence and torque, so that the drive system can perfectly react to the riding load of the rider and the requested level of support. This results in the most ideal motor support.

Because the motor is located in the middle of the bike. eBikes with a Bosch system have a low centre of gravity, making for a comfortable feeling while riding.

Bosch emply the most modern Li-Ion battery cells, offering an ideal mixture of life span, load cycles and efficiency. Depending on the shape of the frame, the down-tube mounted 36V standard battery or the 36V rack battery with the same capacity is used.

Pedal Assistance

The convenient Bosch charger doubles as a quick charger, if needed and can easily be taken along because of its compact size. Four different riding modes, with three support levels to choose from in each mode, offer a wide support palette:

With its many functions, the Bosch user interface is far superior to normal bike computers. On top of charge level, support modes and speed, it also displays the remaining range.

User Interface

  • LCD display with backlight
  • 4 assistance modes
  • 3 assistance levels from 30% to 250%
  • Charge level indicator
  • Actual speed
  • Total kilometer
  • Trip kilometer
  • Average speed
  • Estimated range
  • Actual assistance level


  • Centermotor (brushless DC motor)
  • Torque sensor on the bb axle
  • Voltage level 36V
  • Nominal power 250W
  • Maximum power 500W
  • Maximum torque 45Nm


Eco Mode: Up to 75 miles

Tour Mode: Up to 52 miles

Sport Mode: Up to 50 miles

Speed Mode: Up to 46


Battery Version Charge Voltage Capacity Weight Charging Cycles Charging Time Max Range
Original Bosch 36V/8 Ah downtube battery 8Ah 36 V 288 Wh 2.5 kg Min. 500 2-3 hours 75 miles
Original Bosch 36V / 8 Ah rear rack battery 8Ah 36 V 288 Wh 2.5 kg Min. 500 2-3 hours 75 miles

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