Electric vehicles are a really cheap way to travel. Exactly how much a vehicle costs depends on the motor, the model, the battery, how heavy the rider is but…electric bikes, like normal bicycles, don’t need to be taxed or insured. Electric scooters cost nothing to tax, and very little to insure. One full battery charge of an electric scooter costs around 50p and takes you around 50 miles – that’s about 1p a mile.

The tiny costs of riding an electric bicycle

It costs on average less than a fiver per year to charge an electric bike bike per year – one full charge only costs around 6p and gives between 10 and 30 miles of non-pedalling; with some pedalling a pedal assisted ebike can travel between 20 and 60 miles (depending on the bike model, motor and battery size).

Cost efficient motoring by e-Scooter

Travelling by electric scooter means:

  • you’ll never need to go to a petrol station again;
  • travel will cost you on average 1p a mile;
  • no road tax;
  • no noise;
  • you produce zero carbon emissions (of course some CO2 is created when you charge the battery from a standard domestic electricity socket or public charging station);
  • insurance is very, very cheap (and congestion charges don’t apply);
  • simple, affordable vehicle maintenance.

Cost saving image