Save around 40% on bikes through the
Cycle to Work scheme

The Government's Cycle to Work initiative is an inititive aimed at getting more people ‘on yer bike’. The tax-free programme allows employees to make savings of around 40% on new bikes and accessories, and there are money savings for employers too – plus they get a fitter, healthier workforce to boot! E-Motion are part of this initiative operating the money saving scheme through Cyclescheme, C2W Support and Cycle Plus.

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The scheme allows you to buy an electric bicycle up to £1000 (in some cases more if your company allows) which includes a number of makes and models including Juicy Bikes and Batribikes which are all under £1000. E-scooters are excluded from the scheme because, unlike cycling, they have no real health benefits.

The scheme is open to anyone in PAYE employment – basically, the employer signs up for the scheme and then buys your bike for you (the Government says ‘thanks’ by giving tax and National Insurance breaks); you then lease the bike from your employer, paying for it directly from your salary for 12 months, then you pay a ’fair market payment’ to make the bike your own.

Through the scheme an employee, earning around £24,000pa, can get a £900 bike for around £540, losing only around £50 out of his (or her!) pay packet per month (the actual amounts depend on the tax status of each employer and employee).

Cycle to Work is part of the Government’s Green Travel Plan – this is how it works (it’s simpler than it sounds!).

Employers sign up with one of the Cycle to Work scheme partners;

Employees visit E-Motion Electric Vehicle Company (or, we suppose, one of the other 1000 participating bike shops in the UK!), choose the bike and equipment that they want and be given a paper quote;

The employee enters the details on the Cycle to Work scheme partner’s website, choose a package and request a secure voucher;

Once that request has been approved by the boss the employer will be sent an invoice and the employee receives a hire agreement to sign;

As soon as the invoice is paid the worker gets a voucher to exchange at E-Motion for the brand new bike (and accessories);

The employer reclaims the VAT in the normal way (if applicable) and the balance of the bike is deducted via salary sacrifice. At the end of the hire period, the employee pays a Fair Market Value payment to make the bike theirs.

Download “Tax Free Bikes for Work” for more information

If you’re a boss and want more information (or an employee who wants their boss to join the scheme) please contact E-Motion for more details on 01793 251200 or at [email protected]

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Save around 40% on a bike then cycle to work – you’ll get there on average 10% quicker than the bus!