Police Trial Electric Bikes

The City of London Police have begun trialling the Wisper 906XC Tourer electric bike as apart of their anti-crime unit. The UK Police are now joining a handful of countries such as France, Germany and Belgian which are already using e-bikes. Wisper hail the 906XC as ‘the last word in electric bike excellence’ and we agree with them, its one of our favourite bikes and it boasts a special Carbon Matrix frame and Vogue Air Magnesium suspension forks. The 906XC has proven itself time and time again and the City of London Police only reinforce this message, picking it as their choice of electric bike.

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Wisper’s new range of Alpino bikes available now

Wisper’s just launched its new Alpino bike range!

We’ve just taken delivery of the new 906 XC Tourer – it’s absolutely beautiful!
Comes with a carbon matrix frame, forks and cranks and an 8-speed rear hub drive.
Come and have a look and try, we guarantee you’ll be impressed.