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Bike Locks

Having a decent lock for your bike is essentail, after all you want to protect your investment and you certainly don't want to deal with the hassle of reporting it to your insurance company. Our range of locks have been carefully chosen to insure your bike is safe and easy to lock up.

Abus Phantom Lock

Click the image above to enlarge£37.99

List Price: £37.99

Abus Phantom Lock

Type: Cable Lock 14mm Extra Thick Super Flexible Coil Cable
Length: 185cm
Security Class: Extra Level 7

Image of Abus Varedo Lock

Click the image above to enlarge£44.99

List Price: £44.99

Abus Varedo Lock

Type: D Lock
Length: 23cm / 30cm
Security Class: Maximum Level 9
Thickness: 12mm Hardened Steel

Image of Knog Bouncer Lock

Click the image above to enlarge£32.00

List Price: £40.00

Knog Bouncer D-Lock

Type: D Lock
Length: 18.5cm
Security Class: 8/10
Thickness: 13mm Hardened Steel Shackle