Why choose an e-bike?

Power-assisted cycles are pedalled in the same way as a standard push bike but, at the flick of a switch, you can engage the electric motor to give you a bit of a boost! E-bikes are ideal for commuting, shopping or exploring the countryside. Whichever cycle you choose we believe once you've tried an ebike you won’t look back.

Ebikes costing less than £1000 are eligible for the Government Cycle to Work Scheme which allows employees to save around 40% on the cost of a new bike.

Electric bikes:

  • can be ridden by anybody over the age of 14;
  • don’t require insurance or road tax;
  • can be parked for free;
  • produce zero emissions – although of course some CO2 is created when the batteries are charged.

Electric cycle batteries are charged from a standard electrical socket. It costs on average less than a fiver per year to charge an electric bike bike per year – one full charge only costs around 6p. One full charge gives between 10 and 30 miles of non-pedalling; with some pedalling a pedal assisted ebike can travel on average 20 and 60 miles (depending on the bike model, motor and battery size).

Ebikes deliver power through a traditional throttle mounted on the handlebars or a switch or button depending on the model, allowing the rider to maintain a speed of 15mph without too much effort!

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Electric Bikes